Your Time for Laser Vision Correction is Now!

Approved by the FDA, the Advanced CustomVue Procedure is a custom-tailored laser vision correction procedure designed to correct the unique imperfections of your eyes. Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted and/or astigmatic, the Advanced CustomVue Laser Vision Correction procedure can help you achieve your Personal Best Vision.

Through the use of the WaveScan System, Advanced CustomVue Technology is able to deliver an accurate and personalized treatment for your eyes. Featuring the revolutionary Fourier algorithms, the WaveScan System delivers the highest resolution available, thereby resulting in an accurate and individualized treatment possible for the widest range of indications.

During clinical trials for FDA approval, participants undergoing Advanced CustomVue Treatment for all indications achieved the following outcomes:1

  • More than 92 percent could pass a driving test without glasses or contact lenses one year after treatment.
  • 98% of low to moderate myopia participants could see 20/20 or better without glasses or contact lenses one year after treatment. 
  • Clinical study results showed high participant satisfaction with night vision after the Advanced CustomVue Procedure compared to night vision before with glasses or contact lenses.
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