water for all, restaurants provide cold drinking water for anyone who wants it, provided you drink indian stylelunch at babui's, shantinikitanzakir talks to press, khansab eatspractice in the studio loftbabui practicing in his room in shantinikitanwhere the practice happened - roof top of house where sultan khan grew upmuharram festivalmeal after muharram festivaljodhpur palace gardenjodhpur view from fortvery blue jodhpur, rajasthanjodhpur, rajasthan, home of the khan clanfather and songanesh rickshawmumbai taxiswami sarangi wallahZ explainskhansab records some ideas on for a concertkhansab sleeps, i have to keep playingkhansab teachesimran khan quickly explains to me what raga the singer will sing in,gig in mumbai with ustad sultan khan and the khan clan, and me on keyboardsabir, son of my sarangi teacher, teaches me somewhen the guru's away...marching band troublemarching distractioinband chaosmore marchingmorning indian musicATM Guardssarangi landsabir tunes dad's sarangimore sarangi transportustad phonessarangi transport