All Cows Eat Grass

"All Cows Eat Grass" is a mix of music with some Bach, some jazz, some North Indian classical music and some spacey stuff with instruments including tabla, cello, piano, and flute. There's also some sounds recorded from India including musicians on the streets and on trains. If your interested to get a CD or tape send me e-mail.

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1. tintal funk
2. sarabande (j.s. bach, cello suite 5)
3. chalan
4. improv 1
5. loops
6. footprints (wayne shorter)
7. old man
 8. memphis underground (herbie mann)
 9. aria (j.s. bach, from goldberg variations)
10. raga kirwani (chachar tala, 14 beats)
11. harmoniumwallah
12. improv 2
13. sometimes i think
14. cajun tune

peter altenberg - tabla, cello, piano, flute, ghatam, & stuff
jason kleinberg -viola (1, 8)
mike irvine -sarod (10)
b. mossman -bass (1)
old man on train in india -flute (7)
boy on bombay train - singing and harmonium (11)

nancy scharlau - recording and mixing
ben long - photoshop magician
photos by eric altenberg
mark altenberg - evangelism
thanks to: jason, mike and brad, the harmoniumwallah on the bombay train, the old flute player on the train to calcutta, eric, ben, roti, e, dave, and mom&dad.
1996 siggy records - 1431 castro st, san francisco, ca 94114


Warm Wires

Warm Wires is a San Francisco based band playing in different forms. The original band from the CD is made up of people coming from the bands Harm Farm, Little My, 100 Watt Smile, and The Breaders. Sometimes we play with an accoustic set with guitars, tabla and viola and sometimes an electric version with guitar, bass and drums and some times a mix of both. The Warm Wires CD "Severe Comfort" is available from Brinkman Records in Europe or Sugar Fix Records in the US.

If your interested in the cover art by the amazing illustrator e white, check out his web site at

CD Info


1. Pleasure Prison
2. More Poison
3. Angel Came Down
4. Fabulous Guru
5. Women Are Better Than Men
6. Goodbye Sweet Bird
7. Im Soft
8. Eczema
9. Ishi
10. King Of The Picked-Ons
11. The Dolphin
12. Robot Blood
13. Hard To Lose A Son
14. Lead Eraser
15. Lake Beef

Warm Wires:
B. Mossman - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mbira
Matt Stahl - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Adam McCauley - Drums, Vocals
Peter Altenberg - Tabla, Cello, Flute, Hammond Organ, Sarangi, Vocals
Carrie Bradley - Violin, Vocals

Also Featuring:
Jason Kleinberg - Viola
Steve Cornell - Pedalsteel
Ben Riseling - Clarinet
George Walsh - Trumpet

All Songs written by B. Mossman Except #6 written by B. Mossman and Matt Stahl 1996 Smooth Toothless Bite Music (BMI) Produced By Warm Wires and Wallysound, Recorded And Mixed At The Wallysound, San Francisco, CA. Engineered By Wallysound