About markofoto

This gallery contains selected photos from the many pictures in my library. Every now and then I post a shot that I really like because it has a unique subject or composition or simply because it tells a story about some recent event.

Check out some of the great pictures taken by other members of my family: Eric, Gary, Peter and Jules.

Nerd notes: Most of these shots were taken with a Nikon D70 or Canon S400 and dumped into iPhoto on my MacBook. I built this Web site from a photoblog server called PixelPost, which resides on a Mac Mini running Mac OS X Tiger Server. The Mini sits in a corner of my desk, humming along silently, happily. It's on my home DSL line, which ain't too fast, so if it seems kinda slow when displaying pictures, relax, have a beer and send comments if you like. - Mark