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This is the epicenter of Berkeley, the heart of the gourmet ghetto-the Cheeseboard. Walk in, take a number, a Bicycle playing card actually, then wander around looking at all these fabulous baked things like provolone cheese rolls, sunday bread and corn-cherry scones. You can't just stand there looking, so you bag a few, more than you intended, while you wait. Finally your number is called and your personal expert cheese tasting assistant, someone you don't really know, but suddenly it seems like you've known them for a long time, takes you on a guided cheese tour while treating you to endless samples of cheeses of all kinds until you give in and buy. Then you get a sourdough baguette, hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven, and sit out in front and eat it with a little of each of the amazing cheeses that you just bought. While you get high on all this cheese and bread, you observe all the people sitting on the median where it says 'Stay off median', and gaze beyond at the beautiful, slightly haunting, Chez Pannise across the street with that amazing tree that towers over the dark woodwork. Stroll down the street to the French Hotel for a latte to make the afternoon complete. Heaven on Earth, right here in Berkeley.

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