Sailing West Lake Mille Lacs

      The lake behaved exactly as expected, and provided us with a 10 to 15 mile per hour wind coming from the Northwest. Unfortunately we were heading Northwest and had to keep on tacking in what turned out to be a very bumpy beat North. The day was very overcast and dark due to a large thunderstorm in the Northeast of the lake that moved menacingly southward. We managed to skirt it to the West suffering sporadic showers. No matter, we had already put on our fowl weather gear due to the relentless drenching from the waves crashing against our bow. We saw our first water devil! By the time we arrived at Eddy's we were tired and eager to shed our foul weather gear.

      Eddy's Resort is very popular with the fishing crowd, specially now that it has been taken over By Mille Lacs Grand Casino and benefits from their publicity. Their docks and piers have been restored and are quite decent although their slips are very short, better accommodating small powerboats. If you have a sailboat larger than 20 feet you will feel uncomfortable in one of their slips, specially when their large fishing boats are moving in and out. Their slips are $15.00 per day.
      Eddy's is good for a brief stop. They have a hotel, which is nice in that Econolodge, motor lodge, Super 8 sort of way. And they have a Café/restaurant overlooking the marina, that serves Burgers and Walleye sandwiches.

Eddy's Resort

Eddy's Resort:       Latitude:  N  46o 8.83'        Longitude:  W  93o 43.39'

       Our last leg of the trip was straight North from Eddy's back to Terry's Marina. The wind was calmer but still coming from the Northwest. We had tacked out to the Northeast and by the time we passed Wigwam Bay the wind had shifted slightly coming more from the North, allowing for a smooth West by Northwest course into St. Albans Bay.

      Terry's Marina is a no frills, un-impressive, good ol' fishing boys' marina that for some reason is now the one place on Lake Mille Lacs that has almost as many sailboats as power boats. It has a well dredged harbor with a wide open entrance into the lake. There are no restaurants within easy walking distance, although Terry's does have some snacks, pop, 3.2 beer and frozen Pizzas tucked amongst the live bait, minnow vats, outboard motor oil and fishing gear. Terry, the proprietor and resident doesn't mind if you sleep on your boat, but once he closes the main building the only toilet facilities are a small porta-potty in the parking lot by the dumpster.  Less then 1/4 mile North of Terry's is Seguchie Resort that has cabins for daily rental,

However, it does require a short walk along the highway carrying your gear. Terry's is a great place to park your boat for the season.  Terry, his son and their little jack russell terrier, keep the docks in good repair and the grounds mowed and clean. We believe that like attracts like and that sailors driving up Hwy 169 looking for slips to rent for the season, saw the masts of other sail boats and decided to stay. Now sailors come in from short sailing stints on the lake and share weather tips with the sailors heading out. The place is rough and old but the atmosphere is amicable and laid back.

Terry's Marina:        Latitude:  N  46o 15.11'       Longitude:  W  93o 48.86'

Terry's Marina

     We hope to continue enjoying our sailing activities on Lake Mille Lacs and we would like to encourage more and more sailors to join us. Lake Mille Lacs is the best sailing we have found in Minnesota. However Lake Mille Lacs' residents and businesses have allot to learn about sail boats, sailors and sailing and the more sailors patronize these businesses the better they will be able to serve us, the sailors.


Last Updated: August 2003